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Wayne Clingman

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Moving the Indy film Wisconsin blog to word press.

Check it at https://clingman.wordpress.com.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indy Film Wisconsin Show Friday

The BTR show will be about fund raising for your film, no Obama is not sending you a check.
Tune in and hear the ideas. Feel free to join the chat or even call in yourself

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wisconsin Film Credits

Well I now understand that The State of Wisconsin will be removing the Film Tax Credits (Film Wisconsin) The excuse being the credits do not bring the State money.
Funny that from Public Enemies to Fort Mc Coy we have had filming up and down the State. Investment made folks finding jobs. Good jobs with benefits some union jobs. IMHO Film Wisconsin did in the first year met all the goals set.
Before one cent was spend on rebating film production 100Ks + had to be spend on wages and other goods.
When the Film Wisconsin program is ended the films we could have had made here will go to the States that have the film credits.
Maybe we need to "bribe" Governor Doyle like our tribes did to get expanded casinos.
Maybe we need to be nice to the asshole Democrats in Wisconsin who talk about jobs then fuck the companies who want to bring them to the state.

I will be fighting this from happing I need your help. There will be more to come

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Using both WEB 2.o and psychology. Darkside Films (www.darksidefilms.com) going over the top in bringing the grass roots and communality building to film.
The new now with old style KGB methods thrown in.


You all show follow Lance at Workbook Project. Very good info there.
The last Indy Film Wisconsin BTR Podcast has him as our guest. Check it out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Filmmaker 101

Filmmaker Marketing 101:
Tips for filmmakers looking to get in the know

1) Have a MySpace or Facebook page (see two below). Be relevant; have friends that reflect you and your work. Your photos should reflect you. You can go for the devil horns look if you want. You might shock me, but I’m not giving you any work nor will I work with you, sorry…well not really.
If I have to wait more than a minute for your MySpace to load, I am not staying.

2) MySpace/ Facebook does not count as a Web page. Even a blog page is far better then just a MySpace or Facebook page. If you send pros to your my space....

3) Use Twitter. Follow those who follow you.

4) Do something. Do something for others. It's called networking. Try it.

5) The Son of God, Obama, is not going to give you $$ to make a film, thanks for asking. Try old school work and look for investors. Have a plan in writing and follow it. The SBA will help for free.

6) Blog and keep updating the blog. Note to self: read #6. Tweet about the blog. Cut and paste your blog into your MySpace.

7) Mentor others, even if it's the kid who wants to see what a filmmaker does. Make them an intern.

8) Support your local Film Fests (note IMHO); Milwaukee Film is too close to the old Milwaukee International Film Fest to be supported. Go for it if you want; your outcome might be better than mine with MIFF.

RDI Opening


So I went to the RDI Stages grand opening in St. Francis, Wisconsin on Thursday. It was an interesting time. LOTS AND LOTS of folk were there. My guess would be over 500 people in the main room and a few hundred in the other parts of the studio area.

Unlike so many other film events that I have been to in Milwaukee, FILM MAKERS were there (yes, really truly)…nice speeches by the politicians and it was good to see the Lt. Governor get the recognition that she deserves. She did some great things to make Film Wisconsin happen, not so much the mayor of Milwaukee. Of course he was there. I would have liked to have seen my Reps. there like Rep. Robin Voss and Rep. Robert Turner, who both moved heaven and earth to get Film Wisconsin passed (as well as helped with “It Came From Lake Michigan”).

Of course the hardest working actor in Milwaukee, William Zenobia, was there with his bride to be (best of luck you guys). I guess the film he is producing, “Into The Pit,” (the Story of Dead Pit.com) is coming along well. One of the best things I saw was Bill getting pitched to be in an upcoming film because his work and work ethic are well known. I hear that far too many "actors" do a great job in wishing versus networking. (Note to others—if you are looking to get film work, try letting others know what you can do for them.)

I got to meet some folks who are going to change the city of Milwaukee’s outlook on film, one being Tam Nguyen, who is leading the way with a great Web site: http://www.conduitcinema.com Check it out. We are very happy that he is helping us out at Darkside Films/ Darkside girls.

Another cat I met and talked to for sometime was Mr. Dwight Cannon Jr., a mover/ shaker with Creative Spurts (http://www.creativespurts.com). I also had the chance to talk to Mr. Dan Kattman of Lighting Rod, none better in Milwaukee, and yes, I did beg him to play a dead guy in one of his films. Good news is he agreed to be on an Indy Film Wisconsin Podcast!

Wisconsin Rocks! Now lets work to keep the Film Wisconsin tax credits going and to do what we can to contact Governor Jim Doyle and tell him, “Hands off the tax credits.”